Strategies for the aftermath

We would be amiss to give too many words to 2020, a year of loss and grief, and of progress and hope.

Regardless of what’s come before, we are now at a critical juncture: do we drift on in uncertainty and fall back into old routines, or do we leap forward with confidence, embracing change and our new context?

We choose the latter, and we’ve been thinking expansively about how to translate this into real action and progress.

For the first half of 2021, Charlotte Street Partners will be dedicated to curating strategies which we hope will help our clients face the aftermath with confidence and creativity. With this comes a fresh new set of events, content, products and services. We invite you to watch, explore and get inspired.

The reflective song we use in our video is called Violet Hour. It ebbs between gloom and hope, much like we have this year, and was written and composed by the talented, Dundee-born Andrew Wasylyk. Do visit Andrew’s website if you’d like to discover more.

As well as our core service areas, we are currently offering a unique programme of strategies for the aftermath.

The rest of the time, we work across seven core serviceareas and function as an extension of your team to bring insight, strategy,unparalleled expertiseand, perhaps crucially,increasedcapacity.


Strategic consultancy

Charlotte Street Partners is a strategic consultancy with a difference. We provide context, counsel and communications at the place where politics and public policy, data, health, geopolitics, the economy, markets and media collide.

We are trusted global advisors at board and senior executive level, from insight, planning and decision making, to storytelling and communicating business critical decisions.



Your daily news round-up from a different place. Expect everything you need to know for the day ahead, plus an extra dose of opinion, perspective and wit. A real crowd pleaser.

“Charlotte Street Partners Daily Briefing is a must read. The only briefing outside of Fleet Street that I read every day and is an essential corrective to the Westminster bubble.”

Fraser Nelson, editor of The Spectator



As we navigate these changed times, it is all too easy to be caught up in the problems close to home, and for overarching trends to pass us by.

To remedy that short-sightedness, Charlotte Street Partners has enlisted the ingenuity and talent of the writer and commentator Alex Massie. As our correspondent at large, Alex will look at the bigger picture for us each week. We have challenged him to come up with something a bit different: broad, lateral thinking, thematic insights and a more global perspective.

Alex is a freelance journalist and commentator based in Edinburgh. He is Scotland editor of The Spectator, and he writes a political column for The Times and The Sunday Times.


Our occasional long form opinion pieces are written by members of the team on subjects as diverse as housing and homelessness, feminism, Saudi Arabian politics and the climate emergency.


This is our weekly reading list, compiled by a different partner every Saturday morning. Sometimes moving, sometimes witty, always thought-provoking.


Our special briefings provide more in-depth insight into the issues that matter.

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