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Written by Harriet Moll, creative director
16 May 2020

Good morning,

I am fascinated by the habits, routines and tiny choices that make us all unique. We can learn a lot by studying and emulating the little things that make up a well-lived life.  

And so this week we bring you an array of lockdown diaries from a diverse range of global perspectives and citizens, all willing to share their experiences of isolation, all united in their commitment to make the very best of a very bad situation. 

Roll up Your Sleeves, Girls

“This time is going to give us a bit of a reset button. How are we going to do things differently on the other side?” 

In this podcast, Cheryl Strayed calls up the renowned author, environmentalist and octogenarian Margaret Atwood to ask how she’s spending her time in isolation. From squirrel problems to making face masks on her old sewing machine, Margaret has an inspiringly positive, uplifting outlook on how to stay hopeful. 

Listen on The New York Times 

Grounded with Louis Theroux

“Having a nemesis forces you to work harder” 

Here’s another podcast recommendation for you. In this first episode of Louis Theroux’s new podcast series Grounded with Louis Theroux, Louis talks to fellow documentary maker Jon Ronson, who is in lockdown in New York. They discuss conspiracy theorists, neo-Nazis and swimming chimpanzees as well as the rivalry between them. 

Listen on BBC Sounds

“People forget we’re not invincible”

This is one of a series of video diaries made by frontline workers for the BBC. Dr Harmandeep Singh is a consultant at Ealing Hospital in west London. He and his wife both had coronavirus last month, and had to teach their three-year-old to call 999 in case of emergency. He says he’s seen a few doctors silently crying as their patients pass away. “People forget we’re not invincible”, he says.

Watch on BBC iPlayer 

Charlie Brooker’s Antiviral Wipe

Who better than Charlie Brooker to take us through the last few weeks’ headlines from the comfort of his own sofa. With appearances from *experts* Philomena Cunk and Barry Sh*tpeas, this is one to watch this weekend that will be sure to have you giggling.

Watch on BBC iPlayer 

UNICEF’s home diaries

Lockdown looks different for different people. These video diaries from UNICEF show us what life looks like for children all over the world during the pandemic. From Arhaan playing with his little brother in New York, to Muna filling up a water tank for her family in a refugee camp in Yemen, these videos are both heart-breaking and heart-warming. Something to show your kids! 

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View from our streets

Here are some stories from our team on lockdown across the UK. We had a hoot putting them together, we very much hope you enjoy them too.  

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