Charlotte Street Partners


Charlotte St, Fitzrovia, London

Perhaps not surprisingly, the idea to form a new company was conceived in the Charlotte Street Hotel in London.

Our two founding partners, Malcolm Robertson and Andrew Wilson, had spent a tumultuous decade at airport operator BAA and RBS respectively, learning – often the hard way – about the importance of a long-term, strategic view of reputation to organisations and those who lead them.

The idea discussed that night and then in more detail for the ensuing 12 months was to establish a new kind of agency; one that thinks about challenges from a different perspective and one which prepares organisations and leaders to better represent themselves and, more importantly, to not leave advisers to do that job for them.

At the heart of our philosophy is a belief that businesses in particular should do more to engage with all parts of society, and we practice what we preach – taking on pro bono work for charities and good causes when the opportunities arise and living our core values every day.