Thank you for your help here at Charlotte Street Parters. We wish you the best of luck and  success wherever you may find yourself.

-  The CSP team 

Thank you for being part of us and please do not lose touch. Best of luck with your studies.
Juan thank you for all you have done with us in your time. It has been great having your brainpower and perspective on the team. I do hope you will stay in touch with us and every best wish for your masters. Keep being a demigod! 
Andrew x
It’s been a pleasure working with you and getting to know you over the last year or so, during which time you’ve showcased an incredible breadth and depth of different facial hair styles, for which I think we are all very grateful. We’ll miss your presence, your beard, and your contribution to the team. Keep asking questions.
Juan, I hope you really enjoy your university course and wish you every success in what follows.
Hattie xx
It’s been great working with you. All the best with your studies and keep me updated on your MMA career.
Hi Juan, it’s been great working with you and the best of luck with your future career, remember to keep in touch!
Thanks Juan – I have really enjoyed our conversations, and I’ve always appreciated your advice
Thanks for all your help and everything you taught me – the next step in your career sounds very exciting. Hasta luego! 

Juan – I’m still gutted your deadpan approach to comedy (as life in general) annihilated any humour (however remote) in my “Don’t cry for me, Juan Palenzuela” jibe during your first week. Somehow I will go on. However, the following year and a bit of your time on Alva St have been a blast and I have thoroughly enjoyed our chats and work together. Your Masters is a brilliant next step, and I’m selfishly glad you’ll still be kicking around in the capital. All the best – your pal

Hasta luego, Juanito. Hope you enjoyed your second stint with us. Even if all we taught you was the phrase “a wee jobby”, it was worth it. Thanks for all your help.

Juanito – all the best for the future, let’s please keep in touch! X

Juan, we’ll miss you! I hope you’re able to continue your prodigious eating habits while studying and that no-one steals your chocolate in future. I’m sure we’ll do proper beers when we’re allowed again, but best of luck for what comes next. We’ll do our best to keep your Pitchbook minions happy in your absence!
Juanito, ¡ha sido un placer! Mucha suerte con el máster. No pierdas el contacto y nos vemos pronto, espero. Un abrazo
Wishing you all the best Juan! It’s been a blast working with you. Keep in touch
Sabs x
Chao Juan! Thank you for supporting us throughout this month and wish you the best of luck in your studies!
Bye WIG-monitoring buddy! Thanks for all the advice you have given. Good luck for your masters!

Juanito I wish you well and I’m sure you’ll do great in your masters degree and wherever life takes you after.

It was really nice working with you and I wish you all the best in your studies and in the future x