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From university to corporate communications: my career story

Rochelle Blakeman Charlotte Street Partners

We know that it’s our people that make Charlotte Street Partners and are proud of every single member of our team and the difference they make every day. Their knowledge, expertise, passion and professionalism is second to none. And that’s why we want to share their career stories in our new blog series.

First, we hear from Rochelle…

Rochelle joined us as a researcher in 2022 as part of our internship programme and she impressed us so much that we promoted her to an associate as soon as her internship was complete.

How did you come to apply for an internship with us?

“After completing a MA in international public and political communication, I spent time searching for internships, jobs or any generous soul who might help me to get a foot on this competitive industry’s ladder. I found the Charlotte Street Partners internship advert on the political jobs site work for MP. I could sense something different about Charlotte Street Partners after reading the team’s unique briefings. This was a place that valued quality of writing and difference of opinion. And the fact that they were asking applicants for a written piece, rather than the dreaded CV and cover letter, meant I had to take a chance. I wrote about anti-Valentines trends in relation to China’s Singles’ Day – and from that random idea, have never looked back since.”

Did you always know you wanted to work in Communications?

“Writing has always been my passion; I also love animals and being outdoors, so had varying ideas about what to do. I first went to university in London and became hooked by the magazine media scene, building up experience editing and writing for various student publications. I also developed a strong interest in politics and world affairs and realised this was something I could incorporate into a future career, so strategic communications became very appealing.”

Tell us about your role, and talk us through a typical day at work.

“After making a compulsory cup of tea, I start my day delving into the headlines and news, before doing a thorough check for stories or political developments relevant to my client accounts.

I typically have several tasks on the go for our clients, such as writing briefing notes, drafting letters, conducting research or liaising with journalists. As an associate, I make sure accounts run smoothly by minuting meetings and responding to queries.

There is always chatter and laughter about the office, especially during unexpected events of national significance. We also have opportunities to attend party conferences, media receptions and to shadow the senior partners when they are media training others.”

What about when you’re not working, what else are you passionate about? 

“Having grown up on a farm, I’m passionate about supporting farmers in what can be a gruelling and mentally punishing life, and challenging perceptions of this undervalued occupation. When not in Edinburgh, I can often be found with my family donkeys – some of the gentlest, funniest creatures you’ll ever meet!

I’m fascinated by Greek and Roman history and the ancient world as a mirror to our own.”

To someone thinking about applying for an internship with us, what advice would you give?

“For the written assessment, think about what is different or intriguing about a news story and how you could take a distinct view. If it helps, consider why a story stood out to you personally and what made you want to write about it.

For the interview, tell us about what genuinely interests you, not what you think we want to hear.

If you are successful and join us (congratulations!), approach tasks you may be unsure about as the perfect opportunities to learn something new.”

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Applications for our internship scheme are now open, get your application in before March 13th. Visit our careers page to find out how to apply.