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Winds of change

Winds of change Written by Alex Massie10 December 2020 When things begin to change, they can change extraordinarily quickly. Change is not a linear or constant phenomenon; often it accelerates. That is one conclusion to be drawn from the United Kingdom’s approach to climate change. As recently as a decade ago, the country still relied …

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Planning to recover

Planning to recover Written by Alex Massie 3 December 2020 The British government has not shone during this emergency, but even those disposed to thinking it uncommonly incompetent might pause to consider that in at least one area it appears to have performed admirably. The government’s ‘vaccine taskforce’ has successfully ordered significant supplies of multiple …

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Sharing the burden

Sharing the burden Written by Alex Massie15 October 2020 Good politics and fine policy do not always go together, and for good reason. Politics is often a matter of short-term advantage; a series of improvisations motivated by not much more than expediency. Policy runs on a different timescale and a different track; seeds planted today …

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