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Foreign policy cannot be foreign concept for world’s “indispensable nation”

Foreign policy cannot be foreign concept for world’s “indispensable nation” Written by Alex Massie28 July 2020 This is not a moment for illusions. The forthcoming American presidential election may, for once, justify the quadrennial assertion that this time it really, really matters but even as much of the world desperately hopes Joe Biden will succeed …

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European disunion

European disunion Written by Alex Massie16 July 2020 At the weekend, Andrzej Duda narrowly defeated Rafal Trzaskowski, the liberal mayor of Warsaw, to be elected president of Poland. This was a more telling victory than the bare bones of its reality might suggest. Assisted by an increasingly partisan state-media, Duda ran a nakedly nationalist campaign.  At …

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The long Scottish sabbath

The long Scottish sabbath Written by Alex Massie26 June 2020 According to Boris Johnson, “our great national hibernation is coming to an end”. Except for viewers in Scotland, of course, where, as ever, the darker times shall endure a little longer yet. The Scottish summer remains on hold pending the next review of lockdown restrictions. …

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Scotland – the brave?

Scotland – the brave? Written by Alex Massie18 June 2020 There is a plausible case to be made for the proposition that Scotland is the most conservative part of the United Kingdom. Saying so may cut against the idea, much cherished in certain quarters, that Scotland is an inherently more radical society than other parts …

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