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Re-carving the earth

Re-carving the earth Written by Katie Armour, client managerEdited by Tom Gillingham, partner 31 March 2022  Good morning, “The plum pudding in danger” is one of (vintage cartoonist) James Gillray’s most famous works. It shows former British prime minister William Pitt sitting opposite Napoleon Bonaparte both carving up chunks of the world for their dinner. It’s an …

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Careless Wispa

And the loser is Written by Charlie Clegg, senior associateEdited by Adam Shaw, associate partner30 March 2022 Good morning, The year is 1750BC and you’ve paid full price for copper ingots that were lower quality than you expected. If your name is Nanni and you’re complaining to a merchant called Ea-nasir, congratulations! The clay tablet …

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And the loser is

And the loser is Written by Maria Julia Pieraccioni, senior associateEdited by Scott Reid, associate partner29 March 2022 Good morning, Just like clockwork, the 94th Academy Awards were back again on Sunday, reminding us all – in surprising ways this year – that they’re still Hollywood’s kingmaker. If you didn’t watch the show, fret not. Or …

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Uncommon ground

Uncommon ground Written by Sam Buckley, associateEdited by Kevin Pringle, senior partner28 March 2022 Good morning, Yesterday, the duke and duchess of Cambridge returned from their Caribbean Commonwealth tour to report their experience to the Queen. In perhaps a challenging discussion, they will have recounted a tour that started with protestors cancelling their first destination, to …

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Bearing comparison

Bearing comparison Written by Charlie Clegg, senior associateEdited by Adam Shaw, associate partner25 March 2022 Good morning, The Laurel and Hardy short film The Battle of the Century contains cinema’s greatest custard pie fight. In it is an indispensable trope of genre: the indignant authority figure, who storms in to stop the fight only to …

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