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Has our right to make mistakes been cancelled?

Has our right to make mistakes been cancelled? Written by Laura Sweeting, researcher Edited by David Gaffney, partner18 June 2021 Good morning, “Cancel culture” is a term that feels both recent and yet already ingrained in the modern vernacular. It is tossed around casually in reference to those who have been “cancelled”; the freshly judged pariahs of social media who have likely been on the losing end of a Twitter spat.     Individuals on the receiving …

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Biden’s Geneva test

Biden’s Geneva test Written by Ralitsa Bobcheva, associate Edited by David Gaffney, partner16 June 2021 Good morning, On Monday, Joe Biden’s first participation as a president in a one-day NATO summit signalled the next phase of the United States’ return to multilateral diplomacy. However, the most important piece of geopolitical theatrics is still to come.  Recent developments in American …

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The history ploys

The history ploys Written by Charlie Clegg, senior associate  Edited by Kevin Pringle, partner 15 June 2021 Good morning, “Historic” is one of the more tedious political tags: virtually any political occurrence can be relativised into becoming “historic”. Perhaps, though, last month’s Hartlepool by-election was historic. It showed the Conservatives are – post-Brexit – compounding the …

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Truly green or greenwashed?

Truly green or greenwashed? Written by Li-Ann Chin, associate Edited by Scott Reid associate partner11 June 2021 Good morning, Yesterday the Ethical Finance 2021 summit, run by our Edinburgh peers, the Global Ethical Finance Initiative, finished its three days of proceedings. The message from a host of global industry and policy leaders who were exploring the theme of …

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Fear of committee

Fear of committee Written by Charlie Clegg, senior associate  Edited by Iain Gibson, associate partner 9 June 2021 Good morning, “I’ve searched all the parks in all the cities and found no statues of committees.” That couplet by writer GK Chesterton goes some way to explain why a blockage in Scotland’s parliamentary system is going …

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