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Charlotte Street Insights: Scotland 2021

In 2007, Scotland’s future within the United Kingdom seemed secure. Fourteen years later – following three SNP administrations at Holyrood; close- run referendums on Scottish independence and Brexit; a pandemic; and recent shifts in polling on independence – that future, and those of the businesses that operate here, once again hangs in the balance.

Now, as Scotland heads to the polls on 6 May, onlookers in the rest of the UK and further afield ask: what happens next?

Charlotte Street Partners is a leading Scottish strategic consultancy and we are delighted to bring our Insights exploring the 2021 Holyrood election and its consequences for organisations to market.

Over the coming weeks and months, our public affairs team will be providing a package of context, counsel and communications around an election which is set to be like no other.

Charlotte Street Insights clients will receive:

  • A Scotland 101 explaining the country’s current constitutional and political position, the devolved competencies of the Scottish parliament, and where they impact business.
  • Executive Weekly Update from the campaign trail including our take on the latest events, polling and what we can expect to happen next.
  • Weekly video drop-in with our senior public affairs team exploring the week that was and discussing your questions in real time.
  • Manifesto analysis summarising the key points and strategic intent of all of the six main party manifestos.
  • Candidates-to-watch briefing identifying those set to make an impression on the new parliament.
  • Key battlegrounds update including those set to flip and where Alex Salmond’s Alba party may have the best odds.
  • An invite to an exclusive event featuring ex-BBC Scotland political editor Brian Taylor, director of the John Smith Centre Kezia Dugdale and polling guru Mark Diffley where we will unveil specially-commissioned polling.
  • Eve-of-the-election predictions taking views from our senior team and friends at the heart of Scotland’s political scene.
  • Post-result offering covering a weekend of rolling results, our analysis and a further ‘handbook’ style document once the new government line-up is announced.

For more information, please get in touch with associate partner Scott Reid (