Thank you for your help here at Charlotte Street Parters. We wish you the best of luck and success .

-  The CSP team 

Katie, thank you for everything you brought to the team and good luck with the adventures that now follow. Please keep writing – that is a great talent.

Good luck 

Katie – what to say. You are such an outstanding talent. A great colleague. Hard working, totally focussed and will go very far in life. A superb person to work with. Our door will always be open
Thanks for everything Katie. We’re really going to miss you and your brilliant contributions to CSP and our clients. Keep writing and let me know where I can read it if you do! All the best,
It’s been absolutely amazing working with you over the last few years. You’ve brought fun and enthusiasm into absolutely everything we worked on together. You’re a real talent and I know that you’re going to absolutely smash it in your new role. They’re really lucky to have you.
Sabs xx
It’s been really lovely working with you. I’m sad to see you go but also excited for you! You’ll be missed by so many, especially your DB fan club. Please keep in touch.
It’s been great working with you Katie, and the very best of luck in new ventures. Take care.
Very best wishes for your next step Katie! I am sure that it won’t be the last because you have already done so much and you have so much to offer. I’ve always appreciated your insights and advice and I know that you will continue to add value wherever you go.
It has been amazing to watch your progress over less than three years and to see where you ended up – so, so impressive! All the very best in your new role and looking forward to seeing what you do next. x
Katie – Where to begin?! You have been a true friend, leader and all-round inspiration and role model since you started here. I am going to miss your company and point of view immensely. So excited to see where your career takes you next – will be watching on in awe as your biggest fan. You’re going to smash it!! Lots of love,
Good luck Katie! It’s been great working with you these past few years. I’ve got no doubt you’ll be a huge success at Y Tree – they’re very lucky you’re joining them.
It’s been a delight to work with you even if it’s only been a short while. I’m sure you’ll have a great time in your new job
Congratulations on your new job, I know you’ll do great! It’s been lovely working with you over last few months. Good luck, have fun and keep up the feminism!

Although we have only worked together for a couple of months, Katie, I’ve come to truly cherish and value your advice, insight and camaraderie. You literally plucked me from an anonymous email and gave me the chance to start my career. I’ve seen your dedication, attention to detail, and care in action and it’s truly inspiring. I know the future is looking up for you—you’re going to kill it!


Katie – thanks for being such great company in the London office(s) and for generally being awesome to work with. We’ll miss you a lot, but I know you’ll smash it in your new job. Distressing that we can’t all send you off with a signature pint of prosecco from a WeWork tap – but hope the alarming-sounding DIY in your new place goes well and that you stay in touch if we’re ever allowed to head back south in the future!

I don’t know if you’ve ever realised how much of a role model you’ve been to me for the last two years, Katie! You’re one of the most generous, talented, and tenacious people I’ve ever had the privilege to meet and work with. I can only count myself lucky to have you as a friend, and will be watching closely and proudly as you keep succeeding at everything you do. You’ll be terribly missed. Lots of love,
Really sorry to see you go & that we never got to meet in person. You’ve left big boots to fill in masterfully chairing all our events. All the best for your move, keep up the feminism and keep in touch.
other Katie

It’s been such privilege working with you Katie! I’m seriously going to miss you here but also equally excited to see where your career takes you –  I’m sure you are going to be a huge success wherever you go (no pressure!). Best of luck and hoping that we can meet soon!


What can I say – thanks for being a massive inspiration, Katie, and for always being our go-to. You will be missed!!! Ps: Drinks when bars/pubs reopen please.

Dear Katie, it is so sad to see you leaving… I know you not for so long, but you were so supportive, especially at the beginning. I wish you the best of luck in your new endeavour. Hope to see you and work with you again! 🙂
Dear Katie, I’m sorry we only got to work together for a short time but it’s been a pleasure! Best of luck in your new role, I know you’ll be a great success. Keep in touch! Love

What a pleasure it’s been to work with you. You’re an inspiration and role model and I will carry all I have learnt from you. I wish you well in this next chapter of your life and whatever comes next. Lots of love x