Charlotte Street Partners

Charlotte Street Partners is delighted to invite you to a discussion in conversation with John Kay and Paul Collier

Thursday 18 February 2021

15:00 - 16:00


According to John Kay and Paul Collier, we are now presented with a crucial opportunity to “examine society afresh” and detangle ourselves from the politics of individualism.

Granted, this seems something of a daunting task considering we’re all currently resigned to shuffling quietly between rooms, willing something interesting to happen aside from the bin being full or the Wi-Fi being on the fritz again.

But fear not – we have the men with the answers! John and Paul will join us via Zoom on Thursday 18 February at 3pm to discuss their book, Greed is Dead: Politics After Individualism, as part of our series of conversations exploring Strategies for the Aftermath. The problem with individualism, they say, is that it creates great schisms in life and in business. Greedy corporate cultures, selfishness, tribalism and extremism sow distrust in communities and in turn undermine cooperation. Instead, we need a reaffirmation of the values of mutuality to refresh and restore our societies, businesses, and politics.

The discussion will take place under the Chatham House Rule and we ask that you we ask that you RSVP via the registration link above

Speaking with John and Paul will be Katie Stanton, associate partner, who will pose some short introductory questions before chairing the audience Q&A. We expect to have finished proceedings by 4pm.

We do hope to see you there and include some short biographies for our speakers below. 

Paul Collier

Paul Collier is the Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the Oxford Blavatnik School of Government. He is the author of The Future of Capitalism, which won the 2019 Handelsblatt Prize; The Bottom Billion, which won the Lion Gelber Prize and Arthur Ross Prize of the Council on Foreign Relations; The Plundered Planet, Exodus and Refuge (with Alexander Betts). Collier has served as Director of the Research Department of the World Bank, and works with governments around the world.  

John Kay

John Kay is one of Britain’s leading economists and a fellow of St John’s College, Oxford. His career has spanned academia, business, finance and public policy. He was the founding head of the Oxford Said Business School and the Institute for Fiscal Studies – Britain’s most respected think tank. He is the author of The Truth About Markets, Obliquity, Other People’s Money and other books, and for twenty years contributed a regular column to the Financial Times. 

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