Charlotte Street Partners


We are a young, forward-thinking strategic communications agency that trades on our intelligence and ability to give great advice.

Our company culture revolves around five values: difference, candour, mutuality, positivity and excellence. If these values resonate with you, we really want to hear from you.

After a successful year and new client wins, we are looking to recruit for a range of positions in 2022, from researchers to partners. Whether you are looking for your first role, or are a seasoned corporate communications professional, we’d love to hear from you.

Please send a CV and cover letter to We will respond to all applications within one week of receipt.



The application deadline for the 2021 summer internship programme has now passed. We will open applications for next year’s programme in early 2022.


Our interns have the opportunity to work across a range of clients, projects and services. No day is the same but typical responsibilities include research, drafting briefings and analysis notes, supporting client teams, and writing the daily briefing.  

We are a small team and expect interns to tackle tasks with enthusiasm and diligence. 


Scarlett Regan (2020) 

Six months and a global pandemic since I joined Charlotte Street Partners, I can safely say that I have had the most incredible experience as a researcher. Charlotte Street is at the heart of crisis management, politics, strategic planning and future thinking, and the client roster is so varied that you are always challenged to think differently. I have learned so much from the wide range of experts here and it has been wonderful to see their friendly faces (on Zoom) every day. The creative license and the level of responsibility you are given from day one is rare for an entry-level position, as is the daily contact with senior and founding partners. If you enjoy writing, researching, planning, and thinking big, I can’t recommend it enough.

Javier Maquieira (2019) 

I had already worked in corporate communications before joining Charlotte Street Partners summer intern programme but decided to change careers and pursue postgraduate education in international relations. At Charlotte Street Partners I have enjoyed the opportunity to use my previous experience in strategic communications while developing my interest in global affairs and social action. From writing on current events in the daily briefing to drafting bespoke briefings and reports, the intern programme is a great way to be both creative and analytical about the things that matter the most to clients in particular and society in general.

Daisy Penman (2018) 

My internship with Charlotte Street Partners was brilliant, I can’t recommend it enough. The highlight was being given the responsibility of writing the daily briefings that are sent out to subscribers – knowing my work was seen by hundreds of people was a lot of pressure but it was a challenge I relished. I’m so grateful for the opportunities Charlotte Street gave me, even just the application process was so interesting – I’ve never been asked to write an essay for a job application before! The internship was a great way to test myself and see what I could do, and everyone involved made me feel like part of the team right away. Definitely worth applying!

Katie Stanton (2018) 

After a year spent toiling away the hours on countless job applications, stewing over whether my “competencies” truly extended beyond a broad interest in current affairs and an even broader interest in reality television, I found solace in the Charlotte Street Partners internship. Truthfully, I didn’t know what I wanted to do until I came here. I also didn’t know how much I loved writing, so I have being given the daily briefing almost immediately to thank for that. Crucially though, this is an opportunity to work closely with some incredibly talented and experienced people; from creatives to economists, strategists to politics-buffs, third sector champions to financial experts. It really is a different kind of workplace: from day one, you will have the space and guidance to make a real impact.

Scott Reid (2017) 

Coming from a PhD, I’d never planned for a career in conventional “comms”. And three years on, that hasn’t changed! The thing that attracted me most to the internship, and Charlotte Street Partners more generally, is that they offer experience in so much more – from strategic counsel, to purpose, culture & values and sustainability. As an intern, I worked on the launch of a national tourism strategy for a FTSE 100 company, a book launch, and a UK minister’s trip to Edinburgh. So, apply if you want something creative, where you’re asked to bring your intellectual A-game, and where making a difference matters.

Juan Palenzuela (2018) 

One thing in particular that I really enjoyed about the internship is that it helped me vastly to develop my confidence. From the first week, you are given real responsibility to work on client material. While there is pressure to deliver, you are given extensive support to succeed: the team is always making sure that you are comfortable and able to perform at your best. The culture here is very friendly and relaxed. The associate partner team also gave me the freedom to tailor the internship to my interests, making it a challenging yet rewarding experience.