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Media training

Media & presentation training

A range of issues – personal, organisational, sectoral, national and international – will no doubt come into ever sharper focus during the course of this year, not least the ongoing impact of the cost-of-living crisis on businesses, people and places.

There is no better time to think about what you can do to protect and enhance individual and corporate reputations over the year ahead. As any leader knows, good reputations are hard earned, but can be undermined in no time at all. In a 24-hour news and political cycle, increasingly driven by an unruly social media discourse, the pressure on companies and those who speak on their behalf, has never been more acute.

Practical training

We have prepared countless senior executives for broadcast and print media interviews, ensuring they not only understand the unique demands of working with the modern media, but are well equipped to communicate effectively with the audiences they reach.

We’ll assess your team’s existing media experience and work with them to refresh their skills to effectively engage with the press and broadcast media and get the most out of interviews, whatever the story.

We won’t bore you with too much theory – our fully tailored practical courses offer hands-on interviews, with personal feedback offered to all participants during and after the sessions we run. The session will ensure your executives are equipped with techniques to handle the media authoritatively under pressure and communicate effectively with target audiences during both routine and challenging media engagements.

Charlotte Street Partners has an expert media training team, with many years of experience training some of the world’s largest and most prominent organisations.

We did not regret switching from our major London agency and CSP’s counsel was invaluable through many years of reporting the ups and downs and strategic transformation of the business 

Rob Woodward
Former chief executive, chair of the Met Office

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