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Areas of Expertise

  • Research
  • Insight
  • Media relations
  • Stakeholder engagement

I believe that communication is the art of change, it’s creating a vision and taking people on that journey. My approach is a blend of empathy and logic, aiming to discern both a company’s strategic goals and the authentic messages that will inspire action in its people and audiences.

Having facilitated digital banking change prior to joining Charlotte Street Partners, I naturally enjoy communicating about tech innovation in a way that everyone can appreciate.

My current part time master’s research is focussed on how businesses can effectively communicate using Web3 developments and metaverse spaces.

I have fire in the belly for social issues and creating a just society, and happen to have been a reservist soldier, which I guess makes me a social justice warrior… albeit, with goal of bridging polarised opinions rather than dividing.

In my spare time you can find me reading about Web3, running, and training in Muay Thai. At least, that’s when I’m not being a typical millennial, sipping hoppy beer at street food markets and jet setting whenever I’ve got the coin.

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