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Areas of Expertise

  • Content production
  • Digital communications
  • Stakeholder management
  • Narrative and messaging development

In today’s political and media landscape, effective and targeted communication is critical. I believe the power of innovative digital storytelling and visual messaging to connect with and influence stakeholders cannot be understated. People value authenticity, emotion and naturally engage with information when it is displayed in narrative form.

I joined Charlotte Street Partners after completing my Master’s degree in political communication at the University of Glasgow. My studies equipped me with a detailed understanding of political and parliamentary processes, strategic communication techniques and governmental and media relations. My Master’s thesis interrogated the impact of voter personality on political message perceptions during domestic and international TV debates.

One of the strengths of Charlotte Street Partners is the wide range of clients, which allows me – and the wider team – to take the best lessons from different sectors and continuously apply them elsewhere. Contributing to the positive difference made by the organisations and brands we work alongside is a privilege.

Outside of work, I enjoy reading, making the most of the beautiful countryside around my hometown in the Scottish Borders, spending time with my loved ones and taking trips to explore all that Scotland has to offer.