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Areas of Expertise

  • Strategy development
  • Crisis comms
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Financial comms

Effective communications strategies are often born in contested situations, so I aim to draw on my varied experience of organisational challenges or crises to advise my clients in good times and bad.

I enjoy working closely with clients to find a mid-point between media relations and stakeholder engagement (and financial communications if relevant) to develop a balanced approach that delivers positive results. Between Charlotte Street Partners and eight years working in London, highlights have included everything from securing government approval for major energy projects, assisting listed and private companies with significant financial milestones, and responding to serious reputational issues on an international scale.

When I’m not at work I can be found inexpertly chasing a ball around a football pitch, arguing that snowboarding is still cool, or being laughed at by my two-year-old.


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