Public and Government Affairs

As we approach an expected general election, we have two governments – UK and Scottish – trying to further their agendas whilst also hoping to be credited with developing fresh ideas and delivering on policy. Understanding these governments’ priorities and progressing your own will take considerable amount of time, planning and direct engagement.

Charlotte Street Partners is well placed to support you in that endeavour in the coming weeks, preparing your leaders and communications team to take advantage of the change on a secure footing.

Providing an in-depth audit of your current priorities and strategy to date, we will work with your team to deliver:

– A workshop to understand your current strategy, challenges and successes

– Stakeholder mapping and recommended engagement approach

– Key messaging and evidence points (additional research recommendations)

– A 12-month public affairs strategy, with actionable plans, timescales, deliverables and measurement criteria.

Resetting your approach

What the Scottish government does, and the agenda it pursues, is no longer being solely decided by an all-powerful first minister. Humza Yousaf does not immediately carry the same level of authority of his predecessors. He needs friends, allies and advocates – a dynamic that manifests itself across the entire political spectrum.

At Westminster, a pivotal general election is due to take place this year, with opinion polls pointing towards a Labour administration led by Sir Keir Starmer. Scottish Labour will be expected to make a contribution by way of a recovery here and the Conservatives will look to win seats in Scotland to offset anticipated losses in England. The SNP needs to frustrate both to have any chance of achieving a second independence referendum.

This is the right time to be engaging with both government and opposition, to ensure your opinions are reflected in the development and implementation of public policy. Our team is ideally placed to help you understand the risks and opportunities of this changing political landscape, providing strategic counsel and support to your team.

We work with a wide range of companies and other institutions to develop appropriate engagement programmes and plans that raise your profile and your voice in the right places at the right time. We work on a bespoke basis, delivering tailored plans in partnership with our clients.

Get in touch

In the weeks and months ahead, as change takes shape north and south of the border, our clients will receive unrivalled expert insight, analysis and recommendations from our senior leadership team.

This includes one-to-one senior counsel, briefings and presentations, exclusive events and 24/7 access to our senior partners. Please get in touch if you would like access to our Public and Government Affairs service offering.