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Scotland on the road to GE24

Scotland on the road to GE24 – online event

With a general confidence that the signature threshold for the recall petition will be reached in Rutherglen and Hamilton West, the first test for our political leaders has been set. The path to the general election in Scotland is clearer, with opportunities for both Anas Sarwar and first minister, Humza Yousaf to prove to their members and the country that they are capable of winning.

To that end, we hosted a special online event (2/8/23) chaired by Malcolm Robertson with guests including Kezia Dugdale & Mark Diffley. They discussed why this by-election in Central Scotland could tell us a lot about the forthcoming general election, what it could mean for politics in Scotland, and how it will influence the Labour Party across the UK, and the fate of an unsettled Scottish National Party. Watch the recording below.


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