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Seen on the Street: This week in photos

Written by Malcolm Robertson, founding partner
9 May 2020

Good morning,

We usually send you words on a Saturday, but today it’s pictures.

One of my great loves is photography. For reasons I’ve not thought about, I care more about capturing great landscapes than people. I prefer big, dramatic, colourful Hebridean seas and skies to images of our mainland towns or cities, where I run the risk of humans wandering into the shot.

As far as I am concerned, photographs are the equal of words; however much we like words – and I do – images bring them all to life. Even in our literature, we conjure up images in our minds as we read. The two are inextricably linked.

Whatever you think, I hope the following photographs – curated by our brilliant team – make you think about and reflect upon what is going on in the world. These are strange times for sure.

Have a good weekend,


Empty station

Waverley Station in Edinburgh at what would have been rush hour on Friday shows just one person watching the departure board.

Source: the BBC

Going to the cinema

Visitors sit in a Trabant to watch the film Go Trabi Go, in Dresden, Germany.

Source: The Guardian

Mourning the victims

The funeral of Margaret Chisholm in Edinburgh was attended by people from her care home, with the eulogy delivered remotely from north Wales.

Source: The Times

Addressing the nation

Venezuela’s president, Nicolas Maduro, speaks on national TV after authorities detained American mercenaries planning to capture him.

Source: Despacho de la Presidencia de Venezuela

Love in the time of Covid-19

An international border runs between Konstanz, Germany, and Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, but residents moved freely between the municipalities before the pandemic. Then, to help limit the spread of infection, authorities erected a fence and, two weeks later, a second one, with a gap of several feet in between. The idea was to prevent the physical contact that these young couples managed along a stretch where there’s still only a single barrier. 

Source: The Times

Drive-in mass

People gather in their cars in Düsseldorf as church services have been prohibited throughout Germany since March 16.

Source: The Times

A chance encounter

Two of our colleagues met by chance on the streets of Edinburgh during their respective daily walks. This is the first time two of our team have met in person in nearly two months.

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