Charlotte Street Partners

Context, counsel and communications

As well as our core service areas, we are currently offering a unique programme of strategies for the aftermath.

Shadow leadership

This product is designed to bring to the fore the reality that we now face as businesses, communities and people. We have been through considerable upheaval, and this means we need to dig beneath the surface, thinking creatively and energetically about what has changed, what this means, and why. What have the past 12 months revealed about our businesses and strategies? How does this changed context alter our strengths and weaknesses? What should our priorities be going forward?

Our team is expert in asking these difficult questions and eking out what matters most for your business and your people. We will aim to find strategic clarity and authenticity in the foggiest of circumstance.

  • Strategy audit and recommendations
  • Ten question strategy session
  • Ongoing senior counsel and advice on a variety of topics, from change management and digital transformation, to investor relations and navigating the Scottish landscape
  • Messaging and narrative development

Prioritising people

Last year necessitated a shift in thinking for business leaders. Suddenly, health and wellbeing were at the top of the priority list, and we began talking in human terms – quite literally, because we were Zooming from our bedrooms and sharing more of our lives than ever.

But this pandemic has also been incredibly hard, and your people are likely feeling a bit uncertain about what lies ahead. So why not put in place an internal communications and wellbeing strategy that is truly reflective of their value to your business?

  • Interviews, opinion polling and wellbeing survey with support from The Diffley Partnership
  • Full report including recommendations around wellbeing, employee trust and empowerment, diversity and inclusion, satisfaction, future risks
  • Strategy development, coaching and reverse mentoring programme
  • Internal content and employee engagement planning

Scotland for the world

We know the Scottish political, regulatory and business landscape. We have incredible talent from every dusty corner of the political spectrum, and we can advise you on who you should be talking to and how best to get your message across effectively. We can help you prepare for meetings, campaigns, and giving evidence to committees, putting you through your paces in one of our mock committee sessions. We won’t be afraid to challenge your views, share our experience, or offer a different opinion – but we won’t ever speak on your behalf.

  • Strategies for intense campaigns with coordinated media and stakeholder workstreams
  • Long-term government affairs planning and execution
  • Messaging and narrative development and drafting of key communications
  • Ongoing senior counsel and context
  • Parliamentary committee preparation and training

Being heard

We live in a world of perpetual noise. Cutting through with purpose and impact is no easy feat, but it is one we are skilled at. We don’t do media relations for the sake of it, but to influence, start and maintain important conversations. We have deep connections both in Scotland and beyond but, more importantly, we have the expertise to craft authentic, meaningful messages supported by data and digital collateral, to ensure your story is in front of those people that matter most.

  • Strategic media relations and thought leadership route-map
  • Media training and crisis communications consulting delivered by our core team of experts
  • Media training
  • Thought leadership development
  • Journalist mapping and liaison
  • Key message and narrative audit and development

Digital and creative

Digital strategy is an integral part of any modern communications function. We will work with you to build your own unique and appropriate presence online, aligning it to your long-term reputation and brand management. Our design team can also bring a fresh eye to your brand by creating illustrations, motion graphics and social media imagery, as well as bespoke reports and presentations adhering to your brand guidelines. And if you don’t have brand guidelines, we can create them for you too. The creative possibilities are endless.