Charlotte Street Partners

Context, counsel and communications

Shadow leadership

This product is designed to bring to the fore the reality that we now face as businesses, communities and people. We have been through considerable upheaval, and this means we need to dig beneath the surface, thinking creatively and energetically about what has changed, what this means, and why. What have the past 12 months revealed about our businesses and strategies? How does this changed context alter our strengths and weaknesses? What should our priorities be going forward?

Our team is expert in asking these difficult questions and eking out what matters most for your business and your people. We will aim to find strategic clarity and authenticity in the foggiest of circumstance.

  • Strategy audit and recommendations
  • Ten question strategy session
  • Ongoing senior counsel and advice on a variety of topics, from change management and digital transformation, to investor relations and navigating the Scottish landscape
  • Messaging and narrative development